With Shangri-La Mobile, producer Duane Lundy (Ringo Starr, Horse Feathers, Ben Sollee, These United States, Flor de Toloache Mariachi, and Sunday Valley feat. Sturgill Simpson) brings his years of experience and impressive digital and analog equipment locker on the road. An array of soundboards, microphones, amplifiers, and instruments will transform a remote barn, an urban loft, a live concert hall — if you can locate it, he can capture it — to create your ideal recording space.

Inspired by classic albums from “Exile on Main Street” to “Joshua Tree,” and advances in modern audio technology, Lundy works with artists’ own influences to harness the unique character of inspiring places. He emphasizes performance, dynamics, texture, and adaptability to the locale over more traditional retentive composite-based recording.

For rates and availability, or to see just how far into a mountainous South American jungle he’s willing to transport his rig, contact : duane at shangrilaproductions dot net