Shangri-la is the studio for artists who seek creative, inspiring and comfortable environments for their recording and production needs. Located in downtown Lexington, Kentucky Shangri-la was opened in 2006 by producer Duane Lundy. The eclectic 4000 square foot studio boasts a vast collection of vintage equipment as well as offering the finest in modern recording. Shangri-la is well suited to fulfill all the needs of its artistic clients including recording, production, and songwriting, among others.

1x Chilton 12 ch. sidecar
1x Api 3124
1x Warm 412
1x UA 6176
4x UA 610
2x Daking Mic Pre/EQ
2x Focusrite 110
1x Dizengoff DA2
2x Neve Portico 5012
1x Precision Electronics Vintage 

1x KRK E8
1x ProAc Studio 100
1x SPL MTC 2381 

4x Chilton Vintage Compressors
1x RNC 1773 Stereo Compressor
3x Universal Audio  T4
1x Universal Audio 1176

1x Mac Powerbook
1x ADK Custom PC
1x UAD Apollo 16
1x UAD Apollo 8 Quad
1x Digi 96/52 Sound Card

1x AKG D130
1x AKG D190
1x AKG 414
2x Audio Technica 4030
1X AEA 44
2x Beyer M81
3x Shure Unidyne III
1x Blue Baby Bottle
1x Electro Voice RE11
1x Fathead Ribbon
1x Coles 4038
2x Neumann U87
1x Royer 122
1X Rode NT1
4x Shure SM57
4x Shure SM58
1x Shure Beta 52
1x Shure PG52
1x Shure 315 Ribbon
2x Senheiser 421 
1x Senheiser 441
2x Senheiser 409

1x Roland Space Echo RE 201
1x Roland Space Echo RE 20
1x Pioneer 202 W Spring Reverb
1x Hi Max Echo chamber
1x Alesis Quadraverb
1x Boss GT-6
1x Boss Super Phaser
1x Boss OD-1 Distortion
1x Electro-Harmonix Bassballs
1x Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress
2x Lexicon Alex Multi-Fx Units
1x MXR Digital Delay
1x MXR Phase 90
1x Roland Space Echo Re-201
1x Sansamp
1x Line6 MM4
1x Line 6 DI4
1x Fulltone Fat Boost
1x Fulltone Full Drive 2
3x Electroharmonix Big Muffs
1x Danelectro Reverse Delay
1x Digitech Vocal 300
1x Diaz Texas Square Face
1x Boss DD3
1x Boss Chorus
1x Boss OS-2
1x Burris Boostier
1x Visual Sound H2O
1x Visual Sound Jekyl and Hyde
1x Visual Sound Route 66
x1 Miscellaneous   

Steinberg Nuendo
Waves Gold
UAD Full Suite

1x Bogner Shiva
1x Vox Ac 15
1x Fender Twin
1x Fender Vibrochamp
1x Fender Music Master Bass
1x Gibson GA35 RVT
1x Sears Silvertone
1x Burris Custom
1x Fender Pro Reverb
1x Hammond R122 Leslie
1x Ampeg GS12R

1x Jerry Jones Baritone
1x Epiphone Casino
1x Fender Precision Custom Bass
1x Fender Jazz Bass
2x Fender Stratocasters
1x Fender Telecaster
2x Gibson Les Pauls
1x Rickenbacker 6 strings
2x Martin Acoustic
1x Silvertone Acoustic (1936)

DrumsPercussion-available upon request 
1x 1970s Tama 4 Piece 
1x DW 4 Piece
1x yamaha tour custom
7x various snares
1x Various Cymbals
1x Xylphone
10x Shakers/Tamborine etc..

1x Hammond B3
1x Gibson G101 Combo Organ
1x Farfisa Combo Organ
1x Wurlitzer Electric Piano
1x Fender Rhodes 73
1x Korg N-1 keyboard
1X Moog Minimoog
4x Silvertone organs
1x 1967′s Conn Starduster
1x Hammond organ
1x Lowry
3x casio keyboards
2x kurzweil np88
1x hammond xb2
1x Teisco Teischord organ
1x Baldwin Piano upright
1x Xylphone
1x Roland RS 09 Vintage Synth