Casey Call is a musician, producer, lyricist, vocalist, songwriter and graphic artist. From humble beginnings at a small recording studio which he sprouted in the middle of a corn field in northwest Iowa, his approach to all things creative has always been nothing short of unconventional. Call found his early work catching the attention of veteran producer Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones, Soul Asylum) which somehow landed him directing/producing a music video which aired on VH1 and the BBC for Joey Molland (Badfinger). Shortly after his initial brush with old school fame, he shifted focus towards writing/performing with his indie rock outfit Pictures of Then and co-produced their first album with Jason Orris at The Terrarium. Call spent the next several years touring heavily, amassing over 500 shows in a four year span. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Duane Lundy at MPMF in Cincinatti, the two became fast friends and the decision was made to do the next POT album together at Shangrila. With a shared sonic palette and desire to create music that sought a path untethered to convention, the two have since worked together on numerous albums. Call's approach as a producer is organic, comprehensive and well informed by his experience as a vocalist, lyricist, songwriter, and performer. His diverse skill set lends to his ability to help each artist push their boundaries from both a performance and sonic perspective, with a strong focus on crafting every song into the best possible version of itself without forsaking overall continuity in a given body of work regardless of genre. Call currently resides in Minneapolis, MN and splits his time between working at Shangrila and touring with his current band Enemy Planes.